Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The story behind my name

Welcome to the story of my name. The people who picked my name were my Mum and my Dad. They decided on my name because it was on a TV show and they liked the sound of it. 

My name has a cultural meaning to my family because it is Welsh and my mum's family are Welsh. 

If I was a girl I would have been called Myla. My nickname is TJ. 

The thing that I like about my name is that it means a claw. When I researched the meaning of my name it said the name Talan is somebody with a quick minded, sensitive nature.


  1. Well done I loved your writing about your name and I learnt a lot about your name

  2. Wow Talan that was amazing your meaning of your name sounds a lot like you.
    From your Lily-Grace

  3. Great Gob Talan I learned a lot about your name

  4. My mum and dad picked my name as well