Monday, 14 March 2016


Pohara was usual enough; it had 
A beach, sea, a bike trail, a camp 
nearby, even the labyrinth rocks 
I never went to.  My brother, my friends and I 
Did what boys do - swam in the 
cooling sea, dived into the raging waves,
snorkeled in big blue ocean, raced 
through the camp, biked down the bumpy trails. 
Doing nothing important.


  1. This was wonderful I love it when you say you did what boys do-swam in the cooling sea I like that. The whole poem was well written. Were is pohara? This is a great piece of writing from your friend Lily.

  2. This is Wonderfull!!! I love it when you say biked down bumpy trails I can connect when me and my dad go cycling together. Where is Pohara?

  3. I like how you put everything in it all fits your name suits you it's great!


  4. Your poem is very interesting because you used the word