Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Explanation of stereotyping

Stereotyping is a rude and disrespectful way to describe someone by how they look and dress.

One example of stereotyping is all Indians work at Dominos. I disagree because we have not been to every Dominos in the whole entire New Zealand.  Quite a few Indians work at the Dominos we go to but we don't know about the other Dominos in New Zealand.

A second example is all nerds wear glasses. I disagree because glasses are supposed to help you see better at reading, writing and maths time. A different variety of people wear glasses not just nerds.

A final example of stereotyping is all Americans are fat.
I disagree because there are American sprinters who are some of the fastest people in the world and they are not fat. It's not fair to say that all Americans are fat because there is a different variety of body shapes.

Overall I believe stereotyping is a rude, inappropriate and inaccurate way of describing someone by how they look, their race, and gender.  It can be what what people assume but not actually can be true.

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