Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Endangered animals

               Endangered animals 

Have you ever wondered where all the animals in our world have gone? If you ask me you've come to the right person. I would say that poachers, pests, and diseases are responsible for the disappearance of animals in the animal kingdom. I’ve been pondering why this happens for a very long time. I then put together this speech to tell you how I figured it out.
I've seen killer whales being killed, wombats being hit by cars, a tiger…. alright, alright do you get the picture?
I've been looking at animal souvenirs.  If you see any I need to tell you something  ...don't buy it! Animal souvenirs are another example of cruelty towards animals and you are supporting the poachers too.  Handbags, boots, costumes anything you see made out of animals scales, feathers, fur,  or skin … don't buy it.

How about the killer whale? I was watching the TV staring at a documentary about killer whales. Suddenly a clip of northern killer whales being consumed into fishing nets demanded my attention!  Fishermen were launching explosives into the water! Snares were waiting patiently for something to swim through. Now because of this there are only 84 northern killer whales left on the planet.

What about the poor old wombats? I was sitting in the car feeling rather exhausted… when I saw it ... a northern hairy-nosed wombat.  I wondered why it was down south… but then… BAM! a passing van killed the poor creature.

Lastly the tiger, agile and strong… until you put it in an enclosure. I was having a day at the zoo in Auckland and I had passed the lions, the galapagos giant tortoise and even the cool but scary mexican red kneed tarantula. Then I saw a tiger ... biggest of the big cats, but something was wrong. It gave me a miserable glare, I thought to myself “If we took the animals out of zoos and put them back in their natural habitat I bet they would be happier”. 

So you see, if you had the power what would you do to protect endangered animals?  Do you think the world would be a better place?

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