Tuesday, 4 April 2017


I woke up to a sunny morning, birds chirping, trees swaying quietly in the breeze and water cascading down the waterfall nearby. Then out of nowhere a grizzly bear came lumbering up behind me, I jumped with terror, its mouth was drooling with saliva and its claws were longer than my fingers. It started charging at me so I sprinted back to the tent. Suddenly I heard gunshots and the bear galloped back into the woods. I turned round to see my dad. Phew, I think it's safe to go into the jungle again.

Four minutes later… I was back in the jungle as I needed to get some wood for the fire  … I heard a roar, was it the bear from before? No, it was a 12 m 41ft long dinosaur charging at me!  With nowhere to go I prepared for the impact and ….

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