Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Crab hunting

        Crab hunting 
The sound of the sea boomed into my ears as I started walking down to the beach to hunt for crabs. I have done this many times before and caught crabs as big as both of my hands. As we got closer to our destination I started thinking to myself “Could I catch a crab as big as the one I caught in Pohara?”

 By the time I had thought that through we were at the beach and started looking for crabs. As I frantically heaved rocks out of the way, I heard Olive shouting “Crab! Crab!” Sure enough she had found one, a big one too. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw this huge crab. I started chasing it as the crab started scuttling across the rocks. Suddenly I heard someone screaming “FISH!!! FISH!!!” 

I  blazed over there like a madman. “WOW’’ I gasped as I gazed upon the punie fish. “Catch it” yelled Charlie. “Ouch” I said as I tried to catch the fish by the spines sticking out its back. “Got you!” I declared as I snatched the fish out of the water.

 “Mrs Jones!! Mrs Jones!!” me and Charlie shouted “We found a fish!”  Mrs Jones came running up to us. “Take a photo” I said as she plucked her phone from her pocket. Once she had taken a photo I started clambering over the rocks trying to find a fish myself. A drop of water oozed down my face as I stared at a glistening rock pool one metre away.

“There could be a fish in there” I thought. 
So I clinched the rock that was in the way and… sure enough…. there was a fish there, flopping around on the rocks. I held it high like I had won a trophy. Then I quickly slipped it back into the water and it hid under the rocks. 

As I strolled further down the beach I heard Manisha yell “I found a fish!” and I rushed over to see. “Another one! Seriously!” I was surprised. Once again I scooped the slimy finned creature up in my hands and held it high.

 Then as I slipped the fish back in the water, I saw a mini tadpole slicing through the water. “Noah! Noah!” I yelled as Noah came running over. “What?” he said. “Look at the mini tadpole I found.” “Nice” he said. Mrs Jones called everyone in then we strolled back to camp with people pushing and shoving. 

I wondered if the huge crab would be there next time?

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